Waiting for the Lord

Waiting for an Answer

No image bearer can fully return to their true calling without finding themselves rescued and redeemed by the true Image Bearer, so no serious Christian witness in the world can fail to call people to put their trust in Jesus and the true God he makes known. And no image bearer can bear full witness to the glory of the Creator without the conditions for flourishing that are summed up in the rich biblical conception of justice. ‘He comes to make his blessings flow / far as the curse is found.’
— Andy Crouch

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Waiting for Peace

But the peace which is shalom is not merely the absence of hostility, not merely being in right relationship. Shalom at its highest is enjoyment in one’s relationships… To dwell in shalom is to enjoy living before God, to enjoy living in one’s physical surroundings, to enjoy living with one’s fellows, to enjoy life with oneself.
— Nicholas Wolterstorff

Waiting for the King

I remember a Jewish boy I had in a NT class for a while who said one day in a burst of real impatience and anger, ‘Don’t you get sick and tired, you Christians, of waiting for someone to come back who never comes back?’ And I found myself asking him if it to wait for a Christ who never comes back is all that much harder than to wait for a Christ who never comes at all, and in that moment we became brothers as we’d never been before, both of us Jews in the sorrow of our waiting, of our seeing, yes, sometimes a little something, somewhere, but never enough, of seeing but not seeing.
— Frederich Buechner

Waiting for the Judge

Let no one who seeks to learn the blessed art of waiting on God, wonder if at first the attempt to wait on Him only reveals more of sin and darkness. Let no one despair because unconquered sins, evil thoughts, or great darkness appear to hide God’s face...Wait on God, in the faith that His tender mercy is working out His redemption in the midst of judgment. Wait for Him; He will be gracious to you.
— Andrew Murray