City Church provides nursery care for newborns through age 3 throughout each worship service.

Our nursery is divided into four groups, based on age and development:

  • Newborns to crawlers (crib room, located across the hall from the parlor)
  • Walkers and 1-year-olds (room 101)
  • 2-year-olds (room 102)
  • 3-year-olds (B-7, the basement playroom)

Caring for the children, helping them feel loved, keeping them safe, and introducing them to Jesus are our top priorities. 

All nursery volunteers are required to fill out an application, undergo a criminal background check, and become well-versed in City Church’s Child Safety Policy. We also require each volunteer to participate in a three-hour training course during which we review basics of childcare (diaper changes, soothing techniques, age-appropriate activities and discipline techniques, etc.). We also ask parents to fill out a Child Information Card for each of their children so we are able to tailor our care to each child and have contact info for parents in the event it is needed. 

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