As City Church continues to grow, our members and attendees are given more and more opportunities to serve one another. New volunteers are always welcome! Please fill out the form below to let us know how you'd like to get involved, and we'll get you connected with our team leaders.

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In the space below please indicate which volunteer team you'd like to join: nursery, children's worship, music, sound board, welcome team, facilities team, prayer team, or our communion bread team. Please note: filling out this form indicates a commitment to serving. Once you submit your information, we will pass it along to the appropriate team leader. Thank you!

Current Volunteer Rotation

City Church Volunteers,

Thank you for your willingness to serve at City Church!

Please read through the volunteer schedule very carefully, particularly if you serve on multiple teams (especially music and nursery). If you do have a conflict, please do your best to swap dates with another volunteer–just make sure to let your team leader know who will be serving in your place.

Should you need help finding a replacement, be sure to contact your team leader.


As of this fall, we are moving all volunteer management and scheduling to the Planning Center Services app. Beginning with our October-January 2018 volunteer rotation, our volunteer schedule will be maintained solely through Services, i.e. no more Google spreadsheet or PDFs.  If you are a City Church volunteer who needs access to Services, please email Val Catrow (