Student Ministry Leaders

Skills/traits needed: A desire to share the good news of Jesus in applicable ways to middle school and high school students in small groups, Bible studies, and one-on-one relational contexts.

Training required: Pass a background check and interview with the Children’s Ministry Leadership, complete yearly childcare and child safety training, complete Student Ministry Leader on-boarding with the Pastor of Children and Families.

Duties and expectations: Student ministry leaders are expected to read and promote discussion from God’s Word with students at least twice per month in small group settings. They are also expected to spend time with students outside of formal gatherings in order to promote a mentoring relationship, foster further discussion, listen to the concerns and pray with and for students, as well as model a life formed by the love of Christ. Leaders are also asked to participate in a yearly retreat with students.

Time commitment: Student Ministry Leaders are asked to serve in one-year terms, with the hope that they would mentor at least one student all the way through 9th-12th grade if at all possible. During the academic year, leaders are asked to spend at least two hours a month in a Bible Study setting with students, as well as spending two hours with students under their care outside of any formal gathering for relational “contact” work.

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