Partnership: September at City Church


One of the values at City Church is partnership. This flows out of the Bible’s teaching about the unity of the Church. This is best seen in Paul’s imagery of the Church as the body of Christ. Limbs don’t operate
separately from one another, but they work in tandem to make the body live and move. So too all the members of the church partner together to be the body of Christ in the world.

This month, we will spend time during each service highlighting the various ways that we can partner with what God is doing in our church and in our city. This will culminate in Partnership Sunday on September 29th. After the worship service on the 29th, you’ll have a chance to meet representatives from ministries in Richmond and volunteers within City Church who will let you know how you can partner with their work.

Until then, consider what part you are playing in the body of Christ. How are you contributing to its vitality? How you are helping it move in the world? After doing that, join me in praying that God would open our eyes to the ways in which we can best partner with Him in bringing about His Kingdom.