Mentor Training this Summer

mentor training.png

One of the values of City Church is to make us personally more available to each other. We do this through City Groups, retreats, special events, and (notably) in the way we linger with each other in the sanctuary after church. God has provided each of us with unique gifts, talents, and abilities to serve each other and do our part in building the Kingdom here. Getting to know each other as we are is one of the ways we experience God’s work in our lives—it also creates opportunities for us to learn from each other.

To enhance what is already happening in our church family, we will offer a short course of mentor training for men and women this summer. These sessions will help us continue that process of connecting and learning, as we also deepen our relationship with the God who created us for himself and each other.

God cares for and works in all parts of our lives; one way he does that is through our relationships. Put simply, mentoring is the development of intentional relationships. It is a process where one person encourages another to become the person they were created by God—and re-created by Christ—to be. Mentoring can be a limited, practical relationship focusing on a specific purpose such as discerning a vocation, developing a particular skill, exploring educational opportunities, or improving relationships. It can also be longer-term through our relationships with faithful friends who have helped show us the way in different periods of our lives. Ideally, mentoring is mutual. Each person learns from Christ, learns from the other, and both walk away with more than they had when they began.

City Church’s mentoring training will take place over two informal (but valuable) sessions this summer: Monday, July 15th and Monday, August 5th, both at 7:30pm in room 303 at Grace Covenant. If you have any questions about the training or are interested in participating, please contact JB Burtch at or speak with any member of the City Church staff.