Introducing City Church's New Assistant Pastor

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Dear City Church Family, 

As you know City Church has been looking for a new Assistant Pastor for several months now. Beginning last fall a search team began the hard work of identifying the right person to join our staff team in order to help City Church love God and serve our city. After receiving dozens of resumes, conducting multiple interviews, and inviting several candidates to get to know us and Richmond better, the team made an unanimous recommendation to the Session. After undertaking its own interview of the candidate the Session unanimously agreed to extend a job offer which has been accepted.

City Church’s new Assistant Pastor is a familiar face: Harrison Ford. 

Harrison has served for the last three years as the RUF campus minister at VCU. During that time he and his wife, Brittany, and son, Wallace, have worshipped at City Church, becoming beloved members of our community. The more the search team searched, the more we realized that the person we were looking for was right in front of us the whole time.

Harrison will continue to serve with RUF through this academic year and officially begin as Assistant Pastor of Christian Formation at City Church on June 1, 2019. We are so pleased to share this news with all of you and hope that you will welcome Harrison and Brittany with open arms. We will share more specific details about his transition into the Assistant Pastor role over the next two months.

On Behalf of the Session,