The State of Children's Ministry

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There is so much happening in the life of City Church when it comes to children and family ministry. We wanted to update you on just a few of those things. 

 First, it is important to note that we have something for kids ages 4 and up every Sunday after church! This is a new development as of this academic year! In an effort to come alongside of families in discipling their children, we as a church found it necessary to provide more and more consistency in our ministry to kids outside of the worship service. To that end, here is what is happening: 

 On first, third, and fifth Sundays each month kids ages 4 and up are welcome to join us for City Kids Play! From 5:30-6pm fun and games will be had by all down in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your kids for a time of dynamic play, skits, a lesson from the Bible pointing them to Jesus, as well as practical applications of that lesson.  

On the second and fourth Sundays of each month during the academic year, any child 4 and up is invited to City Kids Grow! On these Sundays from 5:30-6:30, kids enjoy a meal together with each other and with our fantastic leaders. Then they spend the next 30-40 minutes learning more about God’s love for them. Children are broken up into the following groups: 

  • Ages 4-2nd Grade (Children’s Worship Age) - Val Catrow, Lauren Cave, and Jordan Greene are taking kids through the New City Catechism this year, spending time on questions kids and adults alike ask regarding the Christian faith. 

  • 3rd-5th Grade students - Dallas Pugh and Alycia Bailey are leading these upper elementary school students through the historical books of the Old Testament. Last semester they studied the life of David, and now they are beginning to study Solomon. Our leaders are modeling what it looks like to open the Bible and study God’s Word for oneself, as well as bringing scripture to life through drama and games with the kids. 

  • Middle-High School students - Our 6-12th grade girls are meeting at least every second and fourth Sunday evening after church for a Bible study led by Christie Geiling. This is a time where they can open up and bring the truth of God’s Word to bear on their everyday lives, as well as a place where their friends and classmates can feel welcomed. It is City Church’s hope and plan to have adults outside of every middle and high school student’s family regularly meet with students on a one-to-one or small group basis. 

I am personally excited for these developments in children’s ministry and hope to see continued growth with City Kids, but our vision is to make ministry to children, students, and families so much more than events and programming. We seek to keep our ministry highly relational, and to that end Jennifer Murphy—our Director of Preschool Ministry—is excited to announce a new effort to help our growing congregation connect with families and children: City Church Pen Pals

One of our great privileges is that we have the opportunity to pray to God, creator of the universe, our Lord and Savior, and know that he hears us. We're commanded to pray for one another, and as a community, we value that as an important part of the way we care for each other. We are also called to care for the children God has blessed us with, and as members, we vow to "assist the parents in the Christian nurture" of these children. One way we can do this is to pray for them.  To that end, we are starting City Church Pen Pals! Anyone at City Church will have the opportunity to "adopt" one of the 111 City Church children, or all of the children in one of the 60 families, as their City Church Pen Pal. The pen pal will commit to pray for the children in their adopted family and, at a minimum: 

  • Send letters once a year to the kids on their birthdays, 

  • Send a letter at significant milestones in the child's life (baptism, first communion, graduation, etc). 

More letters throughout the year would certainly be welcomed! The parents will send updated prayer requests to their children's pen pal about once a month, or as needed. If this seems like a big commitment, you're right. It is. But, we think you'll find that it will be an enriching experience for all involved and one that will grow our faith as individuals, and as a church community.  

 Stay tuned for a sign up form that will come out during Lent. Contact Jennifer Murphy ( if you have any questions, or if you're interested in being involved and there's a child or family you'd like to commit to pray for.