Time, Talent, & Treasure: Now What?


We hope you've enjoyed our summer devotional: Time, Talent, & Treasure. We are thankful for those who contributed to it, and we're grateful for the ways in which their words have encouraged you and us as a staff. 

So...now what?

First, we hope you'll spend some time looking back through the devotional and meditating on the truths shared in it: that God calls us to give of ourselves to our church body; that giving is not always easy but is always good; and that giving looks different for all of us because of our different gifts bestowed upon us by what Peter calls "God's varied grace."

Second, we hope you'll pray about it. Ask God to what it looks like for you to use your gifts to serve others. Pray for imagination and creativity in being a good steward of those gifts. Maybe you're not sure what your gifts even are—that's ok. Pray for God to reveal them to you. You won't be alone in these prayers; we'll be petitioning God on your behalf for those very same things.

Finally, reach out to us. As City Church staff and leadership, part of how we serve our church body is by equipping its members to contribute to that body's health and flourishing.

Would you like to sit down with someone and figure out how to make tithing a financial priority? We've got deacons who do that!

Are you looking for space to use your talent for drawing or singing or baby-soothing or spreadsheet-creating to care for others at City Church? We've got tons of space. 

Do you feel called to give of your time in a new-to-you way but aren't sure what that means or where to start? We'd love to help you figure that out.

So, please get in touch. We can't wait to hear from you.