What Is True About Us, What Is More True About God

Sandra McCracken_Udated-2.png

I had to pull over. 

Five minutes in and a lump had found my throat as tears welled up in my eyes. I took the next exit and participated in what can only be described as an ugly cry with the words “I’m holding on to you, Lord, You’re holding on to me” swelling in my car. 

Sandra McCracken’s 2016 album, God’s Highway, met me somewhere I didn’t realize I was. A place of unrest. A season where each day served as a reminder of the blessings and brokenness of being alive. And perplexed by it all, I refused to let anything register—until that morning. 

There are songs and—rarer still—albums that feel inspired. They come from such a pure place, an honest place. It’s like they have a power that surpasses words, rhythm, and melody. A power that moves us and awakens something deep inside. U2’s The Joshua Tree is a good example. God’s Highway is another. 

Sandra masterfully invites us into the question, "What do we do when things are not ok—when we’re undone or unsure?" We cling to Jesus. Each song has a way of pinpointing something that is profoundly true about us, then offers a narrative of redemption and hope that ultimately reveals something more true about the God we worship. 

In many respects these modern hymns have created a sense of identity for our worship at City Church. Not because they deliver on a certain sound or cater to a particular group of people, but because they draw us deeper into the story of the Gospel. They give us a means to process our need for God’s rescue in today’s context and a voice to proclaim that He is with us, He is good, and He is making things new.

They’re also remarkably singable. While Sandra's songs are dynamic, ranging from solemn to celebratory, our church has consistently found it easy to engage with them. They feel like personal reflections that were always intended to be sung by God’s people—truths meant for us to sing to and for each other. And promises, given by God, for us to sing back to Him in praise. 

A quiet chorus closes out God’s Highway with a beautiful whisper. It finds me often amidst the peaks and valleys of everyday life. I’ll give Sandra the final words to summarize her music that has so richly blessed our church. 

Your deliverance is coming, for us, while we wait, 
In the wilderness You walk before us, give us grace.

We hope you'll join us to see Sandra McCracken perform live at Grace Covenant on May 3rd at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Visit Eventbrite to purchase your tickets.