Fall 2017 Christian Formation at City Church

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Are you in training?

If driving south on Brook Road early on Saturday morning you will see a single file line of joggers, like tiny ants dutifully following the one before them. After noticing the bright colors now required on all workout clothes, you may find that the runners are not carbon copies of one another but represent a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and skill level. Interspersed in the long line are people shouting instructions or directing them to take a left turn. Clapping their hands and cheering the joggers on, the coaches push the aspiring athletes to run faster and farther than they would on their own. 

As followers of Jesus, we are also in training as we aid one another in our formation as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our training is to know what God tells us about himself and for our identity, our affections, and our purpose to be found in him. In his letter to his young protege, Paul charges Timothy to pass along what he has learned to the church and to also train himself in godliness (1 Timothy 4:6-7). Timothy's knowledge of God is to form all of his life. We too seek to live so all of our lives are conformed to the will of God and his purposes for us. 

How is your training in godliness? 

At City Church we are primarily formed by God's Word which we gather to hear read, preached, and sung each week. In addition to our private reading and gathering together in groups to study, we also offer toward the church's training Christian Formation courses. 

What are Christian Formation Courses? 

Christian Formation courses are short seminars on specific topics such as tough questions, ways we integrate our faith into our everyday lives, and the core teachings of scripture. Classes are held twice a month and begin immediately after church in Room 303, 5:30pm to 6:30pm. A light dinner is provided and registration is required. 

The courses meet at the same time as the Children Ministry Formation classes (listed below). 

Our hope this time after church will make your on-going training more accessible for you and your family. 

For the month of October we have two lessons on addressing the tough question of making sense of God and our world in the midst of suffering. 

October 8th | Tough Questions: Why does God allow suffering?

The problem of evil and suffering is a common objection to the Christian faith. Christianity is the only religion with a God that suffers. How are we to understand the suffering in the world and the suffering in us? (Taught by Joshua Earman)

October 22nd | Tough Questions: How we deal with pain?

When external circumstances in life bring trauma or disappointment, how are we to respond faithfully? We will look at common reactions to pain and learn the resources provided to us by God. (Taught by Lisa Ould of the Barnabas Center)

What about children?

Childcare and a children ministry class meet simultaneously. Parents can drop off their children at the appropriate room: 

  • Nursery (ages 0 - 3yr old): Room 105 (next to the elevator)
  • Children's Christian Formation (ages 4 - 2nd grade): Children Worship room (Room 311)
  • City Kids (3rd - 5th grade): Youth Room (Room 306)
  • Youth Ministry (6th - 8th grade): Pastor's office (Room 302)

Register for all the courses you and your family members will attend so we can plan for dinner, handouts, and childcare. 

Contact Joshua Earman (joshua@citychurchrva.com) with questions about the Adult Christian Formation
Contact Jim Pulizzi (jim@citychurchrva.com) with questions about nursery, children, and youth courses.