Modgnik: God's Backwards Kingdom

I think that we would all agree that relationships are important.

Relationships define all of human life because we have been created in the image of a relational God. Our Creator exists in the eternal community of the trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have always been, are now, and always will be. Our Triune God has also brought us back into relationship through his Son Jesus by his death and resurrection! The Christian faith is one where relationship and community is front and center.

I would argue that one of the most challenging relational times in a person’s life is during the middle school years. I often refer to middle school as “an awkward factory” as so much is changing in such a short amount of time. Though voices are getting deeper, new interests are forming, and life’s demands are becoming more complex, we know that God does not change, nor our need for relationship. 

At City Church, we, of course, want our students to have a strong relationship with God, but we also want them to have a strong relationship with each other, as well as their friends outside of church. Jesus himself told inquirers that the greatest command was to love God and to love neighbor. These are the loves we are hoping to encourage during these middle school years.

What better way to help that along than to get away right at the start of the academic year for a weekend of fun, friendship, and learning about life as it was meant to be lived?

Modgnik is the word "Kingdom" spelled backwards—because God's Kingdom often looks backwards to the rest of the world. Our Modgnik middle school retreat takes place at Young Life's Rockbridge Camp in Goshen, Virginia where we join together with other churches from around the state to have fun building friendships and learning about God through times of worship, talks, small group discussion, and free time at the camp. 

Over the weekend we have a chance to do all the activities that Rockbridge has to offer: zip line, ropes course, lake, pool, sports, and more! We are excited to kick off the school year with a weekend spent building friendships with each other and growing in our understanding of the person and work of Jesus. 

I have been to Rockbridge many times during my tenure as a volunteer leader with Young Life and I can tell you that it is one of my favorite places on earth. It is what the Celtic tradition would call a “thin” place: a place where the veil between heaven and earth is thinner than it is back home. Rockbridge is a place where we can have a blast and feel refreshed knowing that God loves us in Christ and that he is for us and for our neighbors.

Please contact Jim Pulizzi for more details about signing up. Or begin the process by clicking this link. We will leave the church parking lot at 3:45pm on Friday September 8th and return around 4pm on Sunday the 10th.



  • Early Registration (by July 31, 2017) - $150
  • Late Registration (by August 18, 2017) - $165
  • Scholarships are available! Please contact Jim at for more info!