A Season of Waiting

In a few weeks we will begin the season of Advent, the beginning of the church’s year. It is a time marked by waiting as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s arrival. One of my favorite devotional books puts it this way: “Advent is a season of expectant waiting, tapping into the sense we have that all is not well, the longing for the world to be made right again. It’s a season for restless hearts and people weary of a broken world who want, with all our being, to know there’s more than this…” As the days grow shorter and darker, we wait for the light of the world to show up. 

In these next few weeks, there is so much that will be competing for our attention: shopping; travel; parties; and so on. But my prayer for all of us is that we can slow down and contemplate together our deep need for restoration in Christ. 

Here are a few opportunities to reflect on our need for Jesus and hope in his coming in addition to our times of corporate worship:

  • Beginning on Sunday, November 27th we will have a daily devotional posted to Instagram. This devotional will go through the Jesus Storybook Bible, starting in the Old Testament, and working its way to Jesus’ baptism. We will see how every part of the Bible points us to our Long Expected Jesus! (You can also participate in our ornament exchange to go along with these devotionals)
  • Our Christmas Pageant, at 5:30pm on Saturday, December 3rd will be based on Song of the Stars, a wonderful story of how the creation awaited Jesus’ birth. Our program will be coupled with a meal and singing and is the perfect event to bring friends or neighbors who may not even be aware of their need of Jesus! 
  • On Saturday, December 10th we will have the opportunity to once again spend time with seniors in the Randolph neighborhood as we sing carols and songs of joy in anticipation of Christ’s arrival.

I’m writing this post on the eve of Election Day. By the time we publish to the website, who know what will have transpired. Time and again over the last eighteen months I have heard the refrain, “I am so ready for this to be over!” no matter who you are voting for, it seems the fatigue has long since set in for us all. How much more should we eagerly await the coming of our Lord Jesus? No one needs to convince us that the world is not as it should be. We are all growing tired and weary of sin, brokenness, and darkness. Let us wait together this coming Advent season for the restoration God has brought, is bringing, and will bring to completion in Jesus Christ.