Who Cares? The Church Does.

Caring for people is hard. At times it can be inconvenient, unrewarding, costly, frustrating, and frankly not what we’d like to spend our time doing. So why do it? Scripture provides several reasons for why it’s important to care for our Christian brothers and sisters.

1. There is a real NEED!
There are people in the church who need to be cared for. A look at 1 Timothy 5 gives an example of someone with nowhere to turn for help, a widow.  Without a husband or children to care for her, she turns to God and places all hope in Him for providing the help she needs. As the body of Christ, we the church are called to mobilize and care for those in need.

2. We have been EQUIPPED!
We received love, so we ought to give it. 1 John 4 instructs us to love one another since God so loved us, and by doing so “His love is made complete in us.” As believers we have each received the Spirit of God who enables and empowers us to care for each other, so we should be careful not to neglect what has so generously been given to us.

3. It is REQUIRED!
In James we read that faith and deeds cannot be separated, rather they must go hand-in-hand. Chapter 2 tells us “a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone,” then it goes on to warn us“faith without deeds is dead.” So, if our saving faith is to be genuine and evident, we absolutely must take action and care for one another.

How does that resonate with you? If you’re feeling like the widow and need somewhere to turn for help, City Church wants to hear from you. If you’re feeling like it’s time to take action by seeking out ways to care for others, City Church can help you find a ministry that fits your gifts and talents. Some examples of how we care for each other are:

  • cooking meals for families with a newborn
  • organizing transportation when someone is unable to drive
  • helping with a move into a new apartment/house
  • meeting in small groups to build meaningful relationships

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, I can be reached at dwmcbr@gmail.com or you can get in touch with a City Church staff member.