Refugee Update


Full text from Phil's update...(picture above: Refugees looking through the window of a "detention center" in Slovakia. Czech Republic has several of these centers, and the government's ill-treatment of refugees was featured in a weekend article in the Independent. Read the article HERE.)

1. REFUGEE ASSISTANCE We mentioned in our last update about a new fund through Serge that is being used to help Refugee Assistance in this part of the world. We’re excited to announce that we’ve been approved to hire a wonderful woman named Petra to serve as our Refugee Assistance Coordinator. Some of the funds that are raised will go towards her salary, and we believe that she is the perfect person for this job.

In addition to being part of Faith Community Church, we love Petra’s heart and passion for the refugee situation here. She has helped organize several collections and hundreds of volunteers to serve at the main train station as refugees come through Prague. Having her work in an official capacity will free her up to do more and motivate more people to serve the refugees.

There are currently three “detention centers,” where refugees coming into the Czech Republic are being kept when they cross the border. The Czech government is coming under fire for the poor treatment of refugees, and people like Petra are instrumental in giving them hope and helping them reunite with families or get to their final destination.

As more and more borders are being tightened throughout Europe, the Czech Republic will probably continue to be an important player in this crisis. Would you consider contributing to the Serge Refugee Fund, in order to enable Petra to serve in this new position? And please join us in praying for Petra and her work.

Click HERE if you'd like to contribute to the Refugee Assistance Fund.

2. CHURCH RETREAT We had our first-ever Faith Community Church retreat two weekends ago, and it was fantastic! It was full of fellowship, community, laughter, and worship. We had a visiting team come from our sending church (Uptown Church in Charlotte, NC), who helped with worship, children’s ministry, and some of the talks. We were surrounded by beautiful nature – with no wifi or cell phone signal! – and the lack of distractions were a wonderful blessing for our time together.

Praise God for a great weekend for our church!


Yours in Christ, Phil for the Davis fam