Update from the Prague Team: Leland Says Hi (and more)

Hello friends and family, I am having a lot of fun here in Prague. My favorite thing we did was when we went to teen challenge. I liked playing hand ball with the Roma kids. I learned that even in a whole new continent some things can be exactly the same. Thank you for praying for me.

Love, Leland


That was a quick update from Leland! We have been having a great time and learning even more about Czech culture, religion in the Czech Republic, and what it looks like to follow the Lord in such a dark place. We've had the opportunity to meet and learn from lots of different people throughout the city. On Tuesday, we went to Teen Challenge, a ministry that works with Roma kids (like Leland said). It was an incredible experience, if you could be praying we are headed back there today. Our team is in charge of the lesson.Yesterday, we went with Phil and saw the new space that Faith Community is currently in negotiations to try and get. It is owned by a university. The space is a little rough but would open up so many possibilities and opportunities for the church and their ministry. If you could be praying for Phil's meeting next week with the university staff. The team is doing well and loving Prague. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Love, Julie