Update from the Prague Team: Jet Lag, Castles, and a Picnic

Hey all! We've been in country for thee whole days now--with Leland probably dealing with jet leg better than the rest of us. It's been a whirlwind of meeting a lot of people and a lot of walking. And castles. (Side note: The biggest castle complex in the world!). This morning we were privileged to get a historical tour of the city from a Czech believer involved in Young Life. She also helped us understand what it's like for her to follow Jesus in such an atheistic culture.

Yesterday we spent the day meeting staff and members of Faith Community. We got to worship with them and help with children's church, and get to know the community. Phil and Shanna Davis welcomed us into their home, and we look forward to spending more time with them this week and learning how we can better partner with them--this week, and for the long haul.

Tonight was a sweet opportunity to join in a Young Life picnic! The leader shared with us some of their greatest needs and their struggle to eliminate barriers to the gospel within their culture.

Overall we are incredibly challenged and encouraged by the faith of Czech believers and those who are investing their lives here.

We're happy to be here, and excited for what the rest of the week holds!

Thanks for being in this with us, Cara, Erik, Leland, Julie, Ian, and David