Final Prague Update: Ways to Pray

Hello, all! As most of you probably are aware we returned from Prague on Sunday and arrived in RVA around 5 o' clock after a whirlwind day of travel and a bit of running through the airport (some of us ran a little more because they decided it was a good idea to leave the concourse when boarding was delayed....I'll admit I was just trying to up my step count!)

As we are all home safely and as most have returned to our jobs and lives, it is tempting to think our time praying for Prague is over with. That it was simply a week to support our friends and family traveling on mission and they are home now so our task is over. However, even on the last leg of our trip flying home we were discussing and dreaming up more ways City Church and Faith Community can continue to grow together! What are ways we can continue to care for the Davises? How can we worship together outside of a once a year trip to encourage the team? These are things we are praying through and thinking about as we come home!

I ask you all to continue to Pray for Faith Community. Pray for City Church and our relationship. Help us dream up new ways to partner with our friends in Prague.

If this is something that interests you STAY TUNED! We will be planing a get together with anyone interested in hearing more about our trip and learning about Czech!

Pray for:

  • Faith Communities Worship space. They are currently in negotiation on restoring a building to use.
  • Pray for Young Life as they are losing two staff people and Marek Sramek will be the only staff member in the city.
  • Pray for Teen Challenge as they continue to build relationships with the Marginalized Roma people within Prague.

We are thankful to see the Lord moving within the brokenness. Thanks again for being on our team.

Ian and the Prague Team!