Getting to Know Our Missionaries: The McNerneys


Robbie and Minh Loan McNerney are missionaries in Saigon, Vietnam supported by City Church of Richmond. For more information on Robbie, Minh Loan, their son Daniel, and the work that they are doing to introduce people to Jesus, please follow the links at the bottom of this post.

The McNerneys

Robbie and Minh Loan met in a small group from their Vietnamese church in 2006. They were married in June of 2007 and in 2012 had their first son, Daniel. They are expecting their second child in June of 2014! Robbie was originally sent out in 2005 from Hope Christian Church (Winchester, MA) to help with discipleship of men in the Christian community of Vietnam.

Robbie and Minh Loan are sent under Training Evangelistic Leadership (TEL). Rev. Roy Robertson launched the organization out of Singapore in 1970 as a branch of the Navigators, with the mission of developing more full-time Asian evangelists. TEL now operates independently with an international board of directors out of Texas.

Their Work

Their work in Saigon is primarily focused on English-based evangelism in order to “consistently bring new unbelievers into contact with the word of God,” through the desire of locals to learn the English language. They do this through meet ups with students in local parks, where locals are quick to approach foreigners with the hope of making conversation. Robbie and Minh Loan also host casual discussions at local Christian-owned coffee shops where they intentionally meet interested students to discuss topics that either segue into Biblical truth or include explicit Biblical references. Thirdly, Robbie and Minh Loan have been holding a Bible study on the gospel of Matthew that came as a result of their park and coffee shop meetings, from people who have shown explicit interest in the gospel of Christ.


As you pray for Robbie and Minh Loan, they ask that you consider their financial situation and pray for the Lord to provide for what they need, and for the spiritual stability of their local church. Ultimately, the McNerneys ask for prayer for contentment, patience, and faithfulness to “the glory and praise of His name.”

For a more complete picture of the McNerney’s service to the advancement of God’s kingdom here on Earth, and to better learn how to stand by them in community and prayer, read this previous update from Robbie and/or download this "getting-to-know-them" PDF.