What We Do

As we are continually restored by God’s love, we serve those who are vulnerable and marginalized in Richmond through the work of mercy and justice. Recognizing our own poverty as individuals and the brokenness of human systems, we trust God to restore our relationships as we foster long-term, collaborative partnerships.

Our Understanding of Restoration

Restoration is about Jesus
We recognize that poverty and injustice ultimately stem from broken relationships with God, fractured relationships in our community, and false conceptions of ourselves (Genesis 3-4, Amos 5:11-12). Therefore, we seek restoration in each of these relationships through the healing work of Jesus (2 Corinthians 8:9).

Restoration pursues long-term, development
Jesus’ love for people led him beyond one-time encounters. He went to great lengths to make friends out of hurting, broken, messy people (John 13:1). Therefore, we pursue long-term relationships in all that we do.

Restoration happens collaboratively
We recognize that God has provided an abundant amount of resources to bring about change within our local neighborhoods (Colossians 1:15-17). Therefore, we endeavor to develop relationships in a collaborative manner in order to leverage existing assets and promote sustainable outcomes.

City Church seeks to model Christ’s love through partnering with the following organizations. To get involved, contact the City Church liaisons named below each organization's description. For general questions, email outreach@citychurchrva.com.

Hunger and Homelessness

CARITAS serves as the first line of community support for anyone in need of emergency shelter. It is the largest and most inclusive shelter in Richmond because it reaches segments of the population ineligible for any other program: adults facing addictions, families with fathers, large families, and families with adolescent sons.

Video: CARITAS Programs and Success Stories

Volunteer Opportunities: Every year, we have the opportunity to show the compassion of Jesus to our neighbors in need of temporary shelter by partnering with local churches to share meals, lead Bible studies, play games, and exchange stories. Our next CARITAS service opportunity is October 1st through 8th, during which we will partner with Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. 

City Church Liaison: Eric Morgan (ericrichardsmorgan@gmail.com)

Jobs for Life
A ministry of STEP in Gilpin Court, the Jobs for Life (JFL) program uses a biblically-based curriculum paired with a team of mentors, pastors, and business leaders to help students develop “soft skills” in order to gain, maintain, and thrive in employment.

Video: Jane, Dew 4 Him Ministries (a JFL champion)

Volunteer: JFL is in need of peer “champions” for their 8-week class this fall. 

City Church Liaison: Eric Morgan (ericrichardsmorgan@gmail.com)


Regional Transit Plan
Background: A biblical understanding of justice encompasses the idea of working to ensure that ALL people (i.e., God’s image bearers) experience proper protection and care. This entails having safe, reliable transportation in order to work, live, and make needed purchases. More information can be found on the websites listed below.

Websites: RVANews BRT FAQ, GRTC PulseRVA Rapid Transit

Volunteer opportunities: Several members of City Church are engaged in advocacy and community outreach efforts and they would love to have you join them!

City Church Liaison: Nate Mathews (nathan.t.mathews@gmail.com)

Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI)
RJI is a grassroots organization committed to ending modern day slavery, commonly referred to as human trafficking. RJI strives to bring an end to this injustice through awareness raising, prevention programs, advocacy, and faith-based partnerships.

Videos: NBC12 InterviewRJI’s Story

Volunteer Opportunities: TBD

City Church Liaisons: Marjorie Blanton (marjmarj13@gmail.com) and Megan Lowe (meganrlowe@gmail.com)

The Gray Haven Project
The Grey Haven Project recognizes that the nature of human trafficking is complex and requires a comprehensive array of restorative services. Their hope is that survivors who come into their program experience restoration and the ability to live free and empowered.

Articles: Prisoners Among Us

Volunteer Opportunities: The Gray Haven Project partners with local churches to share God’s love through hospitality and support.

City Church Liaison: Kelly LaFerriere (klgilgannon@gmail.com)

Students & Youth

Randolph Community Center
The Randolph Community Center is a park and indoor recreational facility that hosts sports leagues, camps, and workshops for local youth. In light of Christ’s love, we seek to build relationships to help these students thrive personally, academically, and spiritually.

Volunteer Opportunities: Mentors and tutors are needed weekdays, from about 3:30 to 6:15. 

City Church Liaison: Thomas McConnell (mcconnelltj@mail.vmi.edu)

International Student Outreach
VCU has a growing number of international students, but few of them connect with people outside the VCU international student community. As a church, we seek to care for these students by modeling Christ’s love through friendship and community.

Volunteer Opportunities: Individuals, City Groups, and families are invited to serve as conversation partners through VCU’s global education office, participate in dinners with Chinese students on Sunday evenings, and/or help prepare a coffee house event. 

City Church Liaison: Barrett Clark (barretteclark@gmail.com)

Health & Life

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry
CrossOver Healthcare Ministry provides quality and compassionate health care to the uninsured in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area in the name of Jesus Christ. CrossOver offers a full continuum of health care services, operating two free clinics located in areas of identified need in Richmond.

Video: Sarah, A Patient’s Story

Volunteer Opportunities: City Church hosts a free-clinic, once a quarter, on Saturday mornings. Physicians, physician assistants, nurses, office/clerical assistants, Spanish translators, and medical students are all needed. 

City Church Liaison: Leah Eldridge (leah.j.eldridge@gmail.com)

East End Pregnancy Center
The East End Pregnancy Center’s mission is to enable every woman to choose life for the child in her womb. They do this by encouraging their clients to see that their lives and their children’s lives have intrinsic value as God’s image bearers. The center provides a wide variety of services including options counseling, material support, and family and health education.

Volunteer Opportunities: Individuals and groups can partner with EEPC by assisting with center operations during counseling hours, undergoing training to become a counselor, serving as a client advocate to families in the East End community, organizing diaper drives, cooking meals for classes, and much more. 

City Church Liaisons: George & Julie Davis, (juliedavis1013@gmail.com)