Facilities Team

Skills/traits needed: Work cheerfully on a behind-the-scenes team.

Training required: Complete one “shadow Sunday” to learn the ropes—we’ll provide a handbook, too.

Duties and expectations: Facilities volunteers work on a team of three to set-up and tear-down our Sunday services. Set-up tasks include filling communion trays and cups, setting up the welcome table, placing signs, making coffee, and setting up nursery check-in. Tear-down tasks include: putting away communion items, welcome table, signs, and coffee equipment, and clearing the sanctuary of trash and communion cups. Facilities volunteers will occasionally be asked to set up and assist with special events, such as the Easter picnic, Vacation Bible School, and the Harvest Party.

Time commitment: Expect to serve during our Sunday service about once a month, 2:30-3:30pm set-up and 5:30-6pm tear-down; special events approximately twice a year

Contact: Julie Pence (juliempence@gmail.com) and Carter Neal (nealwc@gmail.com)

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