City Kids: Play Leaders

Skills/traits needed: A love for children and for God’s Word, a sense of humor, a love of high energy environments, and an ability to teach, lead, and have fun in a team context

Training required: Pass a background check and interview with the Children’s Ministry Leadership, complete yearly childcare and child safety training, complete City Kids on-boarding with Pastor of Children and Families

Duties and expectations: City Kids Play Leaders meet with children from age 4 and up twice a month after our worship service. Leaders facilitate large group, high-energy games and friendly competitions with the children that foster a sense of inclusion, friendship, and celebration in a gospel context. Leaders also will read from the Jesus Storybook Bible and facilitate a short discussion with the children to close their time together.

Time commitment: City Kids: Play meets on the first and third Sunday of each month from mid-September through mid-May taking a break for the summer and Christmas. Each month leaders are expected to spend a total of one hour with children and one hour in prayerful preparation. City Kids: Play leaders serve for the entire academic year.

Contact: Jim Pulizzi (

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