Update from Hanover Young Life

Dave Blanco, Area Director for Young Life in Hanover, got in touch with us recently to share some updates about how things are going for the team now that the 2014-2015 school year is underway. You can view a PDF version of the update here, but please take a moment to look over these specific ways we can be praying for the team and the students they serve and love.

Hanover County Prayer Requests

1. Pray for leaders as school, work, and life ramps up this fall. They desire to be with kids and help YL be excellent!

2. Pray for our clubs as they start this fall. Pray that many kids would come for the first time and want to keep coming back!

3. Pray for our campaigner groups to continue to grow in size and depth of their commitments to Christ. Our high school friends find strength in community. This is so critical.

4. Pray for the Capernaum team as they continue to do AMAZING ministry in this community. Pray for Alex Brito as he raises money to come on staff and begins to gain a clear vision of how to help move the team and community forward.

5. Pray for area finances. We have about a $20,000 gap to fill before the end of the fiscal year (October 1st). Pray for our banquet planning for this fall.

6. Pray for our new committee, adult support teams that will be forming this fall. Pray for it to grow in effectiveness, support, and community!

(Hanover Young Life is one of City Church's ministry partners; we provide them support through financial contributions as well as prayer. For more information on Young Life in Hanover, feel free to contact Dave at HanoverYL@gmail.com.)