Young Life Updates

City Church currently partners with several Young Life ministries in the Richmond area. We asked the directors to share how things have been going and what they've got planned for the summer...


This summer I don't have a month long assignment.  I will be taking kids from Freeman High School to Saranac in late July and visiting my daughter in early July who is working all summer at the same camp.  It will be good to be home in Richmond this summer for many reasons not the least of which is that we are hiring a staff person who will focus on our ministry to kids in Richmond Public Schools.  I need to raise a minimum of $100,000 this summer which is the equivalent of one years budget for our city ministry.  It would be great to get more than that so that the city ministry can be on good financial footing right from the start.  Pray for me as I fund raise this summer.  I believe that many Richmond City kids are not being loved by an adult who loves them in the name of Jesus in an  unconditional way.  I think as many kids as possible should get to hear about Jesus from someone who loved them. I am raising money because I believe this with all my heart.

--Tim Toy (Metro Director, Young Life in Richmond)


Goochland's last club

This last semester in Goochland County has been a blast pursuing and telling kids in Goochland High School and Middle school the Gospel! This semester, in a nut shell, has just been the Lord continually showing how he provides and reveals himself. In the fall a group of adults started praying and planning to start Wyldlife, and it has been such an incredible year with over 40 kids showing up every month for Wyldlife club, with four adult volunteer leaders walking along side them! High School ministry is in a time of transition. At the end of August I will be stepping down as Area Director of Goochland, and Will Funk (a Hampden-Sydney Grad) will be taking over! Even with all that, it has been incredible to watch how God is pursuing students at Goochland High school by packing our last few clubs with 85 students. All of this happened because of the volunteer college leaders, teacher leaders, and high school campaigner students who continually gave their lives away in order for their friends to know Christ.

--Ian McIntosh (Goochland Young Life)


Friends of Young Life!

Truly you are a blessing to the students, leaders, and us Young Life staff here in Hanover County. Thank you for all you have done to make this school year such a success. In many ways the best is yet to come! In July we will pack 110 of us onto charter busses and head to Young Life’s Lake Champion property in southern New York. There is no doubt that the students who go away with leaders will have an incredible week away with friends! Please continue to join and pray for Young Life as our ministry and program moves into the summer months. Below you will find five significant ways you can be praying for Hanover Young Life over the next few months. We do not take your partnership lightly, and are very thankful for your role in making Young Life happen in Hanover County!

1. Pray for our leaders as some are transitioning to a career after graduating from college. Some are still looking for a job. 2. Pray for the right 110 students and leaders to get on the bus to go to Lake Champion this summer. Pray for finances for the trip, and for lives and hearts to be changed during this significant week in our ministry year. 3. Pray for Dave and Alison, who will be on assignment serving at Rockbridge for the month of June. Pray this would be a significant time for their family as they are coming out of a very busy season and transition year. 4. Pray for the Capernaum team as they continue to do AMAZING ministry in this community. Pray for their team that is continuing to transition leaders to “Friends for Life” and recruit new leaders into this joy filled community of young people. They have filled their trip to Rockbridge this summer! Pray for that trip! 5. Pray for area finances. We still have about a $20,000 gap to fill before the end of the fiscal year (October 1st).

--Dave Blanco (Hanover Young Life)

University of Richmond

UR's Young Life College team

I am thrilled to announce that this coming fall, ministry at the University of Richmond, will be transitioning from Young Life Fellowship to Young Life College! What’s the difference between the two? Young Life Fellowship is designed for believers on campus to participate in a Bible study, grow in their faith, join a Christian community on campus, and be apart of a larger community in the West End of Richmond. While Young Life College will still be creating those things for students, the mission of ministry will be changing. Young Life College’s mission is outreach-oriented. Therefore, Young Life on campus will change from strictly caring for the believer to also caring for and reaching the non-believer. Christians on campus will still get to participate in Bible studies and be a part of Christian community, and now they will also have a place to invite their friends who are non-believers to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! This is so exciting!

Jesus has provided in many ways this semester! In order to start Young Life College at U of R, we need more volunteers who are willing and excited to share the Gospel with students. Two freshmen at U of R decide that they were called to their campus to share the Gospel with their friends. Jesus provided! The two freshmen, David and Georgia, have been placed on the Young Life College team!

Before we hit the ground running next fall, I have an exciting and eventful summer of Young Life ministry planned. As Young Life staff person, I have been assigned to serve at a Young Life camp this summer. I will be working at Rockbridge in Goshen, VA for the month of June. I will be a Housekeeping boss working with high school students who have chosen to give up a month of their summer to serve other kids who are coming to camp.

--Casey Doyle (University of Richmond Young Life)


VCU Young Life has had an incredible year. We've had more VCU freshman than we ever have had. We've had more small groups than ever, and we doubled our freshmen who were placed to be leaders around greater Richmond. More importantly than numbers, we have been able to see the Gospel transform freshmen's lives. Freshman who may have decided to go live for themselves in college are now trying to figure out what it means to die to themselves. Freshman who did not have a relationship with Jesus coming into school, now are trying to lead their friends to Jesus. The Gospel is moving through VCU's campus, through RUF, InterVarsity, Chi Alpha, Young Life and many more organizations. It's an exciting thing to have a front row seat for.

--Mike Rawls (VCU Young Life)