English Week: An Update from Josh

Note: Because of where Josh is currently located, he’s unable to use any religious language in his updates. “Sky-Dad” is how he refers to God, and “lifting up” refers to prayer.


The English Week team is en route at the moment and will arrive in China sometime tomorrow! I can't tell you how excited we are for their arrival. 4 students are riding the bus with us tomorrow afternoon to meet the 9 people arriving in the Beijing Airport.

Some of you may be asking: "What is English Week?" English Week is the "camp" equivalent of our bigger team. 9 Americans are coming here for a week to teach classes, experience Chinese culture, and most importantly to reach out to the boys and girls here.

Jaime, Kristina, and I have spent this year sharing our lives with our friends here, and now a team is coming to share this experience with us! I can't wait to see what kinds of things He will do this week!

As you go about your week, please keep this in your thoughts. Pass this message on to other friends and lift these things up! Below I'm attaching the names of people coming for English Week as well as the names of the students who will be volunteering with our group and will naturally be the students we connect the closest with.

I'll give you another update soon!

Thank you for your continued support!


English Week Team

Mike Terranova Zed Meko Kim Eberhart Georgiann Cook Adam Bailey Anna Berardinelli Colin Connell Jen Werness Barbara Terranova


Rock Lee David Thomas Pauline Holly Mary Vivien Zara Michelle Shirly Emily Summer Skylar

If you’re interested in getting Josh’s updates via email, email Val Catrow at val@citychurchrva.com and she’ll get you in touch with him. IMPORTANT NOTE: because of the current environment where he’s serving, please refrain from using any Christian or religious language.