RVA4SouthSudan is a network of individuals and churches from various denominations who are joining to send medical supplies, blankets, and pots to Moyo, Uganda in order to help native Ugandans and refugees from South Sudan who are fleeing conflict. It is our desire to show, in a tangible way, that God cares about hurting and displaced peoples. RVA4SouthSudan has learned from local Ugandan authorities and missionary contacts that while charity groups are providing refugees with food and water, one of the main needs is blankets to for warmth at night. To help answer that need, City Church is collecting blankets (new or *clean* used). If you're interested in donating blankets, purchasing a blanket at a bulk rate discount, or just want to learn more about these efforts, please contact City Church member Ruthie Byrne at info@rvasouthsudan.org.

You are also welcome to make a tax-deductible financial contribution through City Church; just write "RVA4SouthSudan" in the memo line of your check or select "RVA4SouthSudan" from the drop-down menu when making an online gift.

Visit RVA4SouthSudan.org for more information.