Prague Mission -- Summer 2014

The City

Imagine a bustling 1.2 million-person international city, nestled in Eastern Europe and alive with music, art, theatre, and other forms of culture--both home-grown and imported by the many who have felt the pull to make their home there. Lively pubs and hearty restaurants on every corner, efficient public transit, and a rich, fairytale-like beauty that led many to call it names like “City of a hundred spires,” or “Mater urbium” (Latin for “The Mother of Cities”).

Prague is breathtakingly beautiful. And yet, it “still has the spirit of anxiety, strangeness, and extremity that Kafka and Hašek left amid its ghettos, bars, breweries, and golden spires.”

This summer, City Church of Richmond will be sending a short term mission team to Prague to serve the work of the local church there.

The Trip

City Church will be sending a team to Prague June 14th-23rd to support the work of Phil and Shanna Davis and their church, Faith Community Church. (More info on the work of the Davis’ in Prague can be found here).

Phil Davis has asked us to do two things for this trip:

1. Pray We have been asked to pray for the Davises, their church in Prague, the potential team from City Church who will be joining their endeavors there, and the local people we will be reaching out to.

2. Engage/Connect We are going to Prague to engage people with the hope of connecting them to the local church. Phil Davis originally proposed that we do this by planning and implementing an art/music event that could potentially start a dialogue about faith and the local church. However, we are not limited to music and the arts; we also welcome public engagement of other realms, whether it be pub talks, the outdoors, or simply having conversations with locals. The specifics of this project are to be designed and implemented by the team (you!). We hope to do our work in such a way that when we leave, our presence will have been a blessing to the Davisess, their church, the people we connect with, and the City Church community.


Here’s where you come in…

We need you to pray for us and join us! This trip cannot happen unless you and others are open to investing a week of your summer for the sake of the Gospel in Prague.

Interested? Email Ellen Kelly at ellenheart[at]gmail[dot]com to request an application and more info. Applications are due by March 3rd. We hope you can join us!

Prague 2014