The latest from Josh

First, a quick note: Because of where Josh is currently located, he's unable to use any religious language in his updates. "Sky Dad" is how he refers to God, and "lifting up" refers to prayer. So many things are happening here in the city!

It has been a while since I sent my last email. I assure you, the ball has been rolling here in the city. Every day there is a new thing to experience or explore. I have been meeting and hanging out with so many guys that sometimes it's hard to keep track of.

My friends here are so giving. When we go out to lunch, I have to fight them to be able to pay my share of the bill. It's usually a losing battle no matter how hard I try. I've been having some good conversations with a few of the guys here. Nothing life-altering, but we are headed in the right direction. Please keep us in your thoughts. A few of the guys' names are Alic, Kevin, Sonny, Sonic, Daniel, Joey, and Thomas.

We are going to have our second round of English Nights starting tonight. I will be giving a talk about Hope. I will be discussing where we put our hope into and will ask the question "Is there anything worth putting all our hope into?". Be thinking about the conversations that we will be having with students.

Things on the radar

From here on out, there will be no more holidays, so the next few weeks will be normal. I have classes Tuesday and Thursday mornings, English Corner Wednesday afternoons, and a lecture for teachers on Friday afternoons.

The next English clubs will be Monday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 3.

In a couple weeks I will be traveling to Qinhuangdao to visit some friends up there.

For Thanksgiving all the teachers will be traveling to Beijing to have Thanksgiving dinner there.

TESOL training is in January. We're already getting prepared for this.

Things that need lifting-up

  • To have meaningful conversations with students.
  • For good health. I just overcame a pretty nasty cold.
  • To be bold and act on the opportunities Sky Dad provides.
  • To improve my skills as a teacher to provide the best education for my students.