For Millenials

Here's an excerpt:

The relevance of the Gospel in this world should be left to Jesus and His Father and the Spirit. They will take care of it and we can rest in that. And that is going to be a daily battle – to let it go. Any strife that comes from determination for relevance is an indicator of feeling threatened and as though it is up to us, crappy people, to make Jesus work in the 21st century. Although it is extremely critical to look into scripture to see what God may say about certain issues, we have to remember that ultimately it is not our job to reconcile the world with the Gospel. That is Jesus’ job and the reason why He died on the cross and rose again.


With the multitude of issues that we care about today, the challenge for the church should not be membership or attendance or maintaining relevance. Part of that is because Jesus told us that things would get ugly for us. People would hate us and the message of the cross would seem like foolishness. The issues will continue to sideline us, and we need to be sure to look to God’s word for answers to a lot of our big questions.


But He also told us that His promises are trustworthy. He told us that we can fix our eyes on Jesus, who is in charge of the beginning and end of things, and that though our faith may seem increasingly irrelevant and we may become more and more marginalized, we can take a new grip with our tired hands and strengthen our weak knees because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.


As a millennial, I don’t see how what I am looking for is any different than what people who lived hundreds of years ago or 50 years ago were looking for.

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