Share your City Church photos!

You might've noticed that our website has been refreshed a little bit.* In addition to a cleaner and more user-friendly design, we've also added a slideshow featuring photos that will give folks a glimpse into the life of City Church. We're hoping you will help us out with that.

While emailing images to us (specifically to is a great option, the easiest way for you to share your photos with us is to join the City Church Flickr Group.**

A few things to keep in mind before sharing photos:

1. The higher the resolution the better. 2. At this point the slideshow can only feature images taken in landscape orientation. 3. When sharing photos with the Flickr group, please make sure they are public and in their original dimensions. 4. If the photo features a child, please make sure you have the parents' permission to share it.***

If you have any questions about this (or anything regarding the new website design), feel free to get in touch. And thanks for your help!

*The City Church staff is incredibly grateful for the team who headed up this effort, particularly Jason Bryant who handled the design and Seth Baxter who built it out. **All photos submitted to the City Church Flickr Group will be moderated prior to adding them to the group. ***Most of the parents of kids who participate in nursery and Children's Worship have signed a photo release waiver. But when in doubt, please ask first.