Prayers for Bundibugyo

The excerpt below comes from an email Jenna received from Amy Johnson, a former team leader in Bundibugyo, filling the team in on the current influx of tens of thousands of Congolese refugees currently flooding into Uganda. Please take a moment to read this. Please pray that these displaced families feel God's protection, love, and grace and that God equips the World Harvest Team to boldly and lovingly share the gospel with them.

"As you read this, a reported 66,000 Congolese refugees are flooding Bundibugyo due to the brutality and threat of the ADF rebels in the bordering villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Whole families are traveling by foot as they flee their homes, and their lives as they knew it, and are walking through jungle, rivers, and paths to an unknown, but hopefully, safer place. These Congolese do not know how long they will be in Uganda, but they do know that, for now, they cannot go back.


Today, the Ugandan Army is providing security, the UN is giving logistical support and food, the Red Cross is setting up for medical care, and our WHM teammates and other Babwisi and Bakonjo believers are offering the desperately needed Hope of the Gospel.


Because this area of the DRC has been so remote, so volatile, and mostly closed to foreigners, it has been extremely difficult for anyone to bring the gospel there. But now, these Congolese are literally in our front yard (and sideyard, and backyard...). They are scared, desperate, and displaced.


Please pray for teammates Josh, Ann, and Jess to have perseverance when exhausted, courage to speak with boldness about God’s love, and wisdom in how to best engage in this situation.


Please also pray for Edward, the Headmaster of Christ School Bundibugyo, as he continues to lead the school, counsels the students, teachers and our teammates, and ensures that CSB students can successfully finish term 2. Please also pray for protection of his family so that he can continue in leadership in the school and community.


Please also pray for our local brothers and sisters as they have opportunities to share the gospel with refugees; that they would have boldness and joy in sharing about the Only Hope we all have."