City Church is moving!

City Church will begin holding worship services (and using office space) at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church as of June 1st. Our first service in the new space will take place on Sunday, June 2nd; worship still begins at 4pm. Please see below for answers to some FAQs. We hope the information here will help make our transition to the new space a bit easier. If you have any additional questions not answered on this sheet, please contact Erik ( or our administrator, Valerie Catrow (

Is City Church becoming part of Grace Covenant? No. Grace Covenant graciously offered to rent City Church worship and office space. As Pastor Erik explained when he first announced the decision to move, "We are, and will remain, different churches in different denominations with different missions. Any decisions to partner with Grace Covenant on future projects will be considered on a case by case basis, as they are with all other Richmond ministries."

Where is Grace Covenant? Grace Covenant is located at 1627 Monument Avenue--just a couple blocks up from Beth Ahabah.

Where do I park? We are free to use Grace Covenant’s parking lot. The parking lot has two back entrances: one on Lombardy and one off of Allen, just after you cross over Monument. Street parking is also available.

Where do I take my kids? Newborns-Crawlers will be in the childcare room just across from the parlor (Room 103). The rooms for Crawlers-2 (Room 101) and 2-3 years (Room 102) are located near the back entrance on the main level, right by the elevator.

Children’s Worship will take place up on the third floor. Just as we do now, children ages 4 through second grade will be dismissed for Children’s Worship during the greeting portion of the service. They will walk to the front of the sanctuary where Children’s Worship teachers will greet them and escort them to their classroom. The teachers will also escort the children back down to the sanctuary at the end of the service.

Signs will be posted throughout the main floor to direct you.

Where’s the coffee? Coffee will be set up in the parlor, located in the main hallway just off of the narthex (the lobby at the front of the building). Feel free to enjoy your coffee in the parlor or out on the portico (the front porch area facing Monument Avenue). Please do not bring any beverages or food into the narthex or sanctuary.

Bathrooms? Bathrooms are located along the main hall leading from the front of the church to the backdoor.

What’s this about a playground? Kids are welcome to make use of Grace Covenant’s playground before and after the church service. We will not staff the playground with volunteers to monitor the kids, so please be sure to supervise your children as they play.

Where are the church offices? We will occupy suites 302 and 304 up on the third floor of the building. Feel free to visit us!

How do I get into the building during the week? Please use the back door (located by the parking lot) when coming by during the week. Just ring the doorbell to get buzzed in.

What about the church’s bi-weekly prayer time? City Church leadership and staff will continue to meet every other Thursday at 7am to pray for the church--we’ll just do so at the new office. We will have someone stationed at the backdoor until 7:05 to let people in. Should you arrive late, please call or send a text so we can come down to let you in.

Has the church mailing address or phone number changed? Nope. Our mailing address is still P.O. Box 5583 Richmond, VA 23220. You can still reach us by phone at 804-767-8038.