February Update from Jenn Disse

Find out what City Church's own Jennifer Disse has been up during her time in Sudan. (And don't forget: we're collecting teaching supplies for Jenn through February 24th! Contact Liz Morton at mcentee.liz@gmail.com with questions.) Happy February to you all! I am writing this update from the shores of the Nile River, in Jinja, Uganda. Everyone on the team gets a week-long break from the sweltering heat of dry season, so I am taking my leave this week. It has been a wonderful week, relaxing and exploring the lush and breezy country of Uganda, known as “the pearl of Africa.” So far, I’ve gotten to eat tons of ice cream, work on high speed internet, shop for western shampoo and toothpaste, and go rafting down grade 5 rapids on the Nile! It has been amazing. Currently, I’m watching a dozen little monkeys jump from tree to tree along the bank below me!

These days, I have gotten into a steady rhythm of life in Mundri town. On Mondays I go to Fatna’s compound and have Arabic lessons with the girls. Friday, I’m either making crafts with neighborhood children in Kid’s Klub or I’m teaching English at Kitobe Teacher’s Institute. My weekends are spent doing a conglomeration of work, visiting friends, attending church services, and eating out at the Ethiopian restaurant in town. Every Monday through Thursday you can find me in the classroom, trying to spark in my two missionary kids a love for the written word. It is a schedule I could never have dreamed up, and I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to work in South Sudan among such gracious people.

Keep me in your prayers as I have a very busy season ahead of me. Miss Melissa is visiting family in the states, so I am taking on the teaching load of all subjects, including the dreaded Algebra. I am also in the process of gearing up for another week-long teacher training in March. Pray for those of us leading, as well as the Sudanese teachers who will be in attendance.

Thanks so much!

Prayer Requests

Teammate Larissa: While traveling by herself in Tanzania, she became stricken with two different kinds of malaria! She is currently recovering in a hospital in Tanzania, while Bethany and Heidi are in route to meet her.

Team Hearts: As February is the month of Valentine’s Day, I think about how I am or am not showing love to those around me. Many of us on the team have expressed frustration and impatience towards those around us amidst the intense heat and stressful workload.

Support Raising: The time has come for me to start raising support for my next year out in the field! Pray for boldness and wisdom as I talk to people about the work God is doing in Mundri, South Sudan. Also pray for generosity in those with whom I talk.

Mailing Address

Feel free to send me some snail mail or fun goodies to the following address:

World Harvest Mission / Jennifer Disse 355 Arua, Uganda

(To read additional updates on Jenn’s life in Mundri town, check out her blog at: jennifer-raisingflags.blogspot.com.)