Merry Christmas from Mundri!

Jennifer Disse, City Church member and missionary currently serving in Africa, updates us on her current work in Mundri, South Sudan. My holiday season has been busy with house decorating, advent celebrations, and much cookie baking! The team has been reflecting on what it means to show the love of Christ to our Moru friends and neighbors during this season. Yesterday, we went to the nearby town of Okari to have a health screening. We checked people’s blood pressure, weight, height, and respiration. It was a great way to hang out with friends in the community, serve them, and encourage good health practices. This Friday we will also be going to Okari to show The Nativity Story. Later in the holiday season, the team will participate in various church Christmas programs and will even do some caroling in the town of Miri Kilonga. Oh, happy times!

Living in Africa has only given me more joy during the Christmas season, more gratitude towards Christ and the peace that His coming to earth can bring. Pray that our friends here in South Sudan can celebrate in that truth, as well! Thanks again for your love and support! I am thinking of every one of you and lifting you up in prayer.

Christmas Giving

There is so much going on here in South Sudan, and there are many ways for you to give this holiday season.

  • Educational Fund: This money goes towards much-needed supplies at the local primary and secondary schools. It also sponsors local teachers for our week-long, intensive teacher training series.
  • Housing Fund: The team is beginning to grow and have more of a constant presence in the center of town. To fit our size, many renovations need to be made to our compound in town. The cost is around $8,000.
  • Car Fund (part of Sudan Operations Fund): The team needs donors for a much needed vehicle. The cost is around $50,000.
  • My Personal Ministry: I am planning to stay here in Mundri for one more year, which means I need one more year of financial support! Prayerfully consider being one of my monthly supporters, committing for another year, or even giving more generously than you have in the past. I trust God will raise up a strong network of support for me.

Prayer Requests

  • Government of South Sudan: Pray that progress can be made in the production and transport of oil, and that people can receive the salaries that are due to them.
  • Heidi’s Mom: Teammate Heidi’s mother was recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Pray for peace among their family members and discernment as Heidi decides when to go home to stay with her family.
  • Youth of South Sudan: Pray that the youth here can practice healthy relationships and put their God, their family, and their education, before sex.

My Mailing Address!

Feel free to send me some snail mail or fun goodies to the following address:

World Harvest Mission / Jennifer Disse 355 Arua, Uganda

(To read additional updates on Jenn’s life in Mundri town, check out her blog at: