The Davis Family: Big Trip, Big Prayers

See below for the latest update from Phil and Shanna Davis, missionary partners currently living in Prague. Dear Friends,

We've had a great start to our fall season of ministry - after lots of big good-byes in the spring and summer, we're saying hello to many new people and looking forward to what God will do these next few months. We've also got big travel plans coming up for 2013, so thanks for taking time to read on and pray for us!

Church Update

Lots of recent and future events keep reminding us that we are truly homeless on earth, and that's a good feeling to have. So many of the people with whom we share lives and to whom we minister feel the same way. One of Clark's new classmates this year just says "I don't know" when you ask her where she's from.

This perspective helps us in the context of planting and leading an international church. Faith Community has grown in diversity over its 5-year history, but each Sunday we all come together for 90 minutes and experience just a taste of what it means to belong somewhere. It's a picture of the gospel at work, reminding us that one day we will have an eternal, perfect home.

We're about to embark upon an exciting chapter of our church - officer training. We had nominations a few weeks ago, and we'll be taking a group of about 7 guys through an officer training and leadership class this fall. The hope is that some of these guys will be examined and called to the offices of elder or deacon.

Would you pray for our hearts as we lead and serve our diverse community? And be praying over the next few weeks for the guys who have been nominated for church office.

Travel Update

Many, but not all, of you know about our upcoming Home Mission Assignment (HMA) in 2013. For social security reasons, I (Phil) am required to leave Prague for a 6-month period of time every five years. It's complicated, but after a lot of discussions and decisions, we've decided to do these 6 months together as a family, making Charlotte, NC, as our base. We'll be leaving Prague right after school breaks for the winter holiday, celebrating Christmas with my family in Richmond, and then making our way down to Charlotte. The kids are enrolled in school, and we're currently looking for housing for that time period.

We'd never planned on being away from Prague for this long at one time, but we've grown used to the idea and are, in many ways, excited. It will be good to be closer to family after seven years away. The kids will get to experience (and compare) an American school. And we'll get a chance to see many of you, our prayer and financial supporters!

We'll be traveling quite a bit, visiting supporting friends and churches, and I'll probably make a few separate trips. We'll work in a bit of rest and recovery for ourselves too. I hope that we get to see most of our Stateside friends, and once we know our housing situation and US contact information, we'll certainly get that to you.

Would you pray for us as we try to prepare ourselves for this big trip? Pray for details and logistics, both for leaving Prague and for living in Charlotte. Pray for our team as they prepare to step up and do ministry in our absence. Pray that God will teach us some great things about Himself during this time away from Prague.

Practical Help

We are looking for a place to stay or rent while we're in Charlotte, and we're also looking for a car (or 2) to use or rent during this time. If you have any ideas for us, we'd really appreciate it!

As always, thanks for your prayers and partnership! We could not be here in Prague without you!

Love, The Davis family

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