September update from Jenn Disse

Jennifer Disse, City Church member and missionary currently serving in Africa, updates us on her current work (and day-to-day life) in Mundri, South Sudan.

September Update!

Hello friends and family! I pray that you are all doing well and are enjoying the start of a new school year.  (Sorry, my calendar runs by the school calendar!)  Recently, I have been trying to juggle the roles of both teacher and learner.  I’ve been joyfully pacing out the school year for the missionary kids I teach, planning how to teach them poetry, vocabulary, and appropriate writing skills.  They are such sweet pupils!  The other day they snuck notes of encouragement inside my tukul (house), writing about the things they enjoy in my class.     Once I go outside of the classroom on my compound, I turn into a humble student.  Each day I’m absorbing the culture in an attempt to better understand the people of Mundri and their unique circumstances.  I’ve been blessed to have many interactions with the Bishop of Mundri, my neighbor.  Whenever he has visitors in town, he will invite the World Harvest Team over for good food and some cross-cultural fellowship.  I’ve made a Ugandan friend who comes over to my place to read magazines, talk about relationships, and discuss the startling differences between our two cultures.  Everyday the Lord is teaching me about the people of Africa and about what it means to do His work over in this part of the globe. -I am so grateful for your love, prayers, and generous support!   In Him, Jennifer

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Prayer Requests

Continued peace between the North and South (and also among the various tribes within South Sudan)

Health for our team and all of our Sudanese friends, who have been struggling with the effects of a long rainy season

Boldness to get out into the community and meet new people

Diligence in Arabic and Moru language learning

Jenn also shared on her blog that she recently suffered a bout of food poisoning and dehydration. Please continue to pay for her health and access to plenty of water!