Greetings from Mundri, South Sudan!

Check out the latest update from Jennifer Disse, a City Church member and missionary who is currently about one month in to her year-long stay in South Sudan. It is hard to believe that I have been living in Africa for almost a month now. Thank you all for your prayers and support as I’ve traveled and adjusted to life in this unique part of the globe. The start of my time here coincided with that of the West End Presbyterian team. It was a joy to have their energy and familiar faces around while I oriented myself to my new surroundings. God has been good to bring cool breezes in the morning and beautiful thunderstorms in the afternoon (the plus side to coming to S. Sudan during the height of rainy season.)

God has also been mighty to work through my awkwardness and give me affirming interactions with the S. Sudanese people here. Just yesterday, I went to market to get bread and got caught in a torrential downpour. One of the women under the covered stalls let me sit next to her, among all of the other female merchants. It turned into a wonderful chance to introduce myself and practice Arabi with the women and children near me!

It is such a blessing to finally be here! I have so much energy, so much eagerness to get into the community and work in education. Pray that I can hand over control and all of my great expectations to the Lord, the only one who can create real change in S. Sudan.

Prayer Requests

Living among so many brothers and sisters in Christ has helped give me boldness in pursuing relationships; however, continue to pray that I can get over the cultural and language barriers and meet people where they are.

Next week I will be teaching in a week-long teacher training series for Sudanese primary teachers. Pray that I will have confidence in my teaching skills and discernment in how to teach Sudanese adults with varied English language abilities. Also pray for sanity and peace for Bethany, my teammate heading up this whole series.

Continue to pray for peace and unity between both Sudans and wisdom for S. Sudanese president, Salva Kiir.

Mailing Address

Feel free to send me some snail mail or fun goodies to the following address:

World Harvest Mission / Jennifer Disse 355 Arua, Uganda