Living Hope chicken project a success!

See below for an update from Jake Lyell, a City Church member currently living and serving in Africa...

Hi City Church fam.

I wanted to let you know that the City Church chicken project is in full (s)wing. While I was up in Amuria I was able to see the new facilities as well as do an audit of all the receipts. The total cost of the project was about $1160, to which Living Hope contributed $530, or 45% of the project costs. By Living Hope investing so much in the project, they feel a real sense of ownership in it. The project is not an instant money maker, but within 2 months, the school should be earning $400 / month in chicken and egg sales. That's no small chunk of change in Uganda.

While I was there, I put together this video for City Church...

(Or view it here.)

As always, I'm looking to the next thing with Living Hope. I look forward to the City Church team visiting in August but am also looking for other ways for City Church to improve the lives of young ones in Amuria. Expect to hear from me soon with another proposal!

Thanks you guys. God bless, Jake