A Snapshot

God is working all around us. 

He is showing his love for us in both the big and the small, seemingly insignificant, happenings.  Each week the Children's Ministry volunteers take a moment to reflect on how they saw God working during their time with the kids at City Church.  It's a blessing to me to be privy to this information, and I enjoy giving you a window into the ways God is growing our children.  Recently we heard from Tess Shebaylo; Val Catrow has given me permission to share a portion of her weekly review of volunteering in the nursery.

How have you seen God?

It's pretty amazing to see their little friendships grow. It was particularly sweet to watch two of the little girls interacting; they seem to get so much joy from one another, and I think it was a blessing for the adults to see it. We also had absolutely no tears -- everyone just strolled on in and seemed happy and comfortable. I felt emotions when it registered with me how they all seemed to feel safe and comfortable.


Our nursery teams offer the children a snack each Sunday, and I can assure you that they never turn it down.  Here are some photos that Tess took last week for you to enjoy.

Want to get involved?

We'd love to have you!  Email me anytime: jennifer@citychurchrva.com