Failure is Inevitable

Jesus loves my child more than I do. That’s the phrase I find myself continually repeating to myself.  Most of the time I am wrapped up in how I can protect Jack, how I can provide for his needs, how I can be the parent he needs me to be.  While these are all important aspects of parenting, the most vital thing I can do for him is point him to Jesus and help him see that Jesus protects him, provides for him, and is his ultimate and perfect parent, not me.  I know there will be (and have been) many times that I will fail Jack.  My hope is that it’s during these times that James and I can show Jack the One who will never fail him. Similarly, the phrase, Jesus loves Children’s Ministry at City Church more than I do, is a motto I need to constantly remind myself of.  My focus, as Director of Children’s Ministry, is to enable parents and leaders to help children encounter Jesus and to disciple them in the gospel of grace.  As with parenting, the question is not if I will fail at this job, but when.  It’s in those times of failure that I hope to be able to point you all (children, parents, volunteers, and all of City Church) to Jesus, the One who loves us more deeply than we can even begin to imagine, and who will never, ever fail us.

At last month's Vespers1, I gave a summary of what this job entails; I’ll share that here for you as well.  In my position I’ll focus on ministering to three groups of people: children, volunteers, and parents.


Babies from 0-3 years are welcome in our Nursery.  Children’s Worship is for children who are 4 years-2nd grade.  My hope and goal is for each of these children to experience Christ’s love while they are in our care, whether that be through teaching, prayer, playtime, story time, singing, or simply interacting with volunteers.  I’d be happy to share more details about either nursery or children’s worship with you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts. (


We have a wonderful roster of volunteers.  It’s such a joy to work with all of them and to see how much they enjoy loving and serving the kids at City Church.  I strive to train, equip, and support them in their positions, but most importantly, I pray that they, “grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,”2 so they can then pass that love on to the kids.

While I’ve got your attention, I’ll shamelessly use this opportunity to do some recruiting. We always need more volunteers.  If you’re interested, let me know!


Though I have a mere two years of experience as a mom, I understand that parenting is a challenging, exciting, confusing, and tiring job that brings both joy and heartache.  I want the parents at City Church to feel loved and supported and know that they aren’t alone on this journey.  While I can’t provide anyone with a step-by-step guide to parenting, I, along with the Session3, hope to encourage you with the gospel of grace and pray for and with you.

We’d like to begin this conversation by setting up a time to get together with each of our City Church parents.  I’ll be contacting you in the near future to plan a time that I, along with Erik or another member of the Session, can meet up with you if you’d like.  Feel free to get in touch with me as well!

1 Vespers is a shared meal all are welcome to attend; it happens on the 4th Sunday of each month after the service. 2 Ephesians 3:18 3 The Session at City Church is comprised of three elders and our pastor who have been elected to lead our congregation.