Building Community, From an Early Age

As the Children's Ministry Director, I get a front row view to what's going on with the children and childcare volunteers at City Church.  Watch this space for regular updates having to do with children at City Church. Unless you're a parent, I bet you've never sat in church wondering what's going on with the kiddos in nursery.  Once you read Tess Shebaylo's summary, you might view those little ones in a different light. (Who knew babies could "pillage"?!) I love what Tess has to say, especially concerning an unexpected benefit of serving in nursery.

The following overview is taken (with Tess's permission) from her weekly review of Sunday childcare at City Church:

Anything significant happen?

Nothing too significant this week.  All the kids played nicely together.  I forgot to pray with my team (FAIL), but I did read a story and like three kids actually listened to it.

Anything that is or isn't working well?

All the supplies were SO organized and I found everything I needed so quickly!  Also, the facilities team did a great job putting stuff where it goes.  I feel like setup took no time.  Some parents admitted to stockpiling name tags at home, so I've gotten some promises to bring those back.  Everything pretty much seemed to go well.  Other than some tears when parents left to go into church, nobody had actual temper tantrums.

Any new kids?

There was a new little boy; he marched right in and started playing with the toys and the other kids like he'd always been there.  That's what I like to see!

Anything else?

Samuel is obsessed with the color yellow.  Cash is disturbingly mobile.  Jack, JR, and August can play with a puzzle for two hours.  Raynie desires all of us to know that she can "shump" (jump) up and down.  Some kids just want to be snuggled.  Some kids have runny noses, but nothing major.  Some kids say "I have to go potty!" and then it's really just a false alarm.

Also, August's dad brought a box of more toys, books, and puzzles!  As soon as he set them down, the kids pillaged the box and started playing with everything immediately.

How have you seen God?

Though we think of this as a service we provide to the parents, and another way to love them and their kids, I feel like it's just as much of a service to me / us.  Some of you are parents, but many of us are not, and it's awesome to see folks get to interact with kids and babies, and to interact with them myself.  Being around little kids both exhausts and refreshes me in some weird way, and I love that the parents let us share this experience with them.  I think this is how God designed community to be.