The Davis Family's Summer Travels

Those of you who were at church on Sunday the 24th got a chance to hear Phil Davis share about the work he and his wife, Shanna, are doing in Prague. For those of you interested in learning more about what the Davis family is up to, take a look at this excerpt from their most recent email update...

End of School Year

We always say good-bye to lots of friends in June, but this year was different... and more difficult. LOTS of our friends left Prague to go to their home countries or new destinations. We've had lots of tears and sadness all around, but it does make the times very sweet with those who are leaving - and it makes us value our long-term relationships here too. And God always faithfully brings new relationships each fall - we look forward to seeing who comes to Prague next!

On a recent family trip to Austria, we got to visit some friends who just left Prague. It was fun to see their home village and get to share family time with them - on their "turf."

Summer Fun

The summers here in Prague are always slower, and quieter, than during the school year. Lots of people, including Czechs, leave Prague for long periods of time. But that doesn't mean that ministry has stopped. It actually gives us a chance to do some new things and prayerfully focus on what's coming up.

A highlight this summer has been our summer pastoral intern - Cody Janicek. He and his wife Katy have been here for a month already and will be here a few more weeks. Cody just finished up his first year at seminary and wanted to come to Prague to see what international ministry is like. Both he and Katy have dived in headfirst to life here, giving the rest of the team a boost in energy and excitement. They're both interested in doing university ministry.

We're not sure what the future holds for the Janicek family (yes, their last name is Czech!) and Prague, but it's been great to explore some possibilities with them and watch them easily meet new people and bring them to church.

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