Bettering Highland Park

NBC12 recently ran a story highlighting City Councilwoman Ellen Robertson's current efforts to improve Highland Park, located in Richmond's Northside and typically viewed as one of the City's tougher neighborhoods. It is also home to Grace Community Outreach, a partner of City Church. Grace Community's pastor, Lloyd Price, was interviewed for the story and shared some thoughts about the challenges faced by Highland Park:

Community pastor Lloyd Price lived in Highland Park for over a decade - he says the stigma definitely comes from crime.

"People have nothing to do, there needs to be more activities for young people to engage in, in some positive things, and we don't have enough of that," said Price.

What Pastor Price has seen over the years is a community that wants to get better, and others agree, the police are doing their part in reducing crime.

Highland Park has recently seen a decline in major crime (robbery, assault, etc.). However, crimes like burglary and vehicle theft have gone up in the last year. As the article goes on to point out, major changes are going to require a community effort:

"The police are not going to be able to affect long term change in that neighborhood by themselves," said Richmond Police Captain, Michael Snawder.

That's why councilwoman, Ellen Robertson, want [sic] schools, social services and non profits to pitch in and create a zone at Ann Hardy Park for kids and families to come to.

"We want people that senior citizens to feel this is a place of resources they can come here and get information and we want the young people to feel the same," said Robertson.

Read the entire article here. To learn more about Grace Community Outreach, check out this post outlining City Church's community partners.