Presentation on poverty in Richmond

(From Blake Stack, City Church's Mercy & Justice team leader) If a close friend of yours was struggling to find a job that paid more than minimum wage, lacked the resources to see a doctor as needed, and was soon to be without a home, how would you respond? Would you be tempted to ignore the problem? Would it be easy to cast blame?

At least 1 in every 5 people living in our city experience this reality on a daily basis. And they’re not just people. They’re our neighbors. Within walking distance, there are those who have never known what it means to earn a steady paycheck, to have safe place for their kids to call home, or to have access to an abundant amount of educational and career development resources. Worse yet, they feel stuck, with little hope that things are likely to change.

If we’re honest, as followers of Jesus, I think we too feel stuck. In one vein, we know we are called to “seek justice”, “to love mercy”, and to serve “the least of these”. Yet in another, when faced with the the realities of poverty, we end up either overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem or paralyzed in fear that our actions will lead to more harm than good.

On Thursday, April 14th, Dr. John Moeser, professor emeritus of urban studies and planning at VCU and senior fellow at the University of Richmond's Center for Civic Engagement, will present on the realities of poverty in the Richmond metro area. John will discuss recent findings from his research that will include practical insights from his personal life and experiences. The presentation will be held at Rev it Up (1211 W. Main Street) at 7pm. All are welcome.

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