Our Understanding of Renewal

Renewal is about JesusWe recognize that poverty ultimately stems from broken relationships with God, fractured relationships in our community, and false conceptions of ourselves. Therefore, we understand renewal to be found in the healing work of Jesus, reconciling each of these relationships through his sacrificial love and enduring grace.

Renewal pursues development We recognize that not all poverty is equal; a person losing their home due to a natural disaster in contrast to someone suffering long-term, joblessness will call for two different responses. Sometimes our response may call for immediate and urgent relief, at other times it will necessitate cautious assistance, and still at others it will require long-term development. Overall, we seek to incorporate long-term, development strategies in each of our ministry / justice endeavors in order to realize lasting change in the communities and people we partner with.

Renewal happens collaboratively We recognize that God has provided an abundant amount of resources needed to bring about renewal within the local communities we work with (Colossians 1:15-17).  Therefore, we endeavor to develop relationships with community partners in a collaborative manner in order to leverage existing assets, foster community ownership and responsibility, and empower individuals to implement long-term, sustainable solutions.