Living Hope Update: A note from Simon Peter

The following is an email from Simon Peter Amolo, founder and director of Living Hope School in Amuria, Uganda. City Church supports the work at the school through City Church member Jake Lyell. (You can read more about Jake's work around the world here.)

Praise God, thank you so much for what you are doing to make Living Hope Revival Ministries in Uganda [grow] -- particularly in Amuria, [it was] one of the places that people sincerely had lost hope after all the misfortunes they had gone through.

From our hearts we continue praying with you that the Almighty who made us enables us to be together and we are very certain that together we shall build the kingdom of God. The proof to that statement is attributed to your coming to Amuria and this has surely created a very big impact; many lives are turning to Christ and many children's lives are being touched. 

Thank you so much for the gifts that you people of City Church are blessing us with.

The [next] time you come to Amuria, everybody is eager [that] you will have realized that God surely has work that he needs to accomplish through you. 

The building you see is a result of City Church's blessing.

Let's continue praying for the following:

1. Pray that God provides resources to roof the classrooms that you see attached.

2. Pray that we get beds for our children for they are sleeping in shared mattresses .

3. Pray for God's provision to some of our children going to Secondary education a few are still at home.

4. Pray for a stable teaching staff in our school.

5. Our house of Worship is too small so pray that God paves a way for construction of a church.

May the Almighty Father continue putting us together.

Regards to all City Church Members. The message is God loves you.

Simon Peter Amolo

Living Hope Revival Ministries