Living Hope Update

The following update comes from Jake Lyell who has returned to Uganda and checked in on the progress at Living Hope School in Amuria.

The school year in Uganda begins at the end of this month but the P7 students at Living Hope were already in class studying when I dropped by. I told them I looked forward to spending more time with them - they're all borders and I'll be leading a Bible study and Sunday school with them at least once a month. Despite the fact that they haven't fully paid for it yet, the government has allowed LH to begin classroom construction on the newly acquired land (see attached pic). LH will experience a greater enrollment this coming year and they've begun to build more adequate classrooms.  They built what you see in the photo with a bit of money they had in the bank, along with the sale of all those chickens that they let out when we were there, as well as a couple hogs.

It's good to be back in Teso [the region in Teso where Amuria is located] - though everyone's freaked out that the elections beginning Feb 18th are going to be crazy. (All the Indian grocery stores in town have already stopped stocking beer wine and liquor!)  I'll be in the Kampala/Jinja/Mbale area on a shoot this week but back again in Teso at the weekend.

Take care, jake