This week at FSC, 11.7.08

Hey FSC, Here are your announcements for this week...

1. Mid-month prayer - January 14th 6:30am-8am All are invited to take part in FSC's mid-month prayer on Wednesday January 14 from 6:30am-8am at Erik's office (1205 W. Main Street, Suite 211). Hope to see you there!

2. Loaves & Fishes - January 18th 11am-2pm Our opportunity to prepare and serve a meal for Loaves & Fishes is Sunday January 18th. We will be meeting at around 11am at the Conrad Center (1400 Oliver Hill way) and staying until 2pm. If you're interested in helping out, please email Kira at kmdisse [at]

3. RISC Research Meeting - January 26th 7pm Matt Fisher shared about RISC - a cooperative Richmond area justice ministry - on Sunday. There will be a research meeting on Monday January 26th at 7pm at Or Ami (9400 Huguenot Road).  If you're interested in taking part or would like to learn more, contact Matt (mattmoment [at] or Sean Rhorer (seanrhorer [at] Also please make a note that April 20th marks the Nehemiah Action event, the culmination of the RISC year when we will try to turn out as many people as possible.

4. God Grew Tired of Us -- January 15th 7pm-9pm

On Thursday January 15 West End Presbyterian Church will be showing the film God Grew Tired of Us. They will be starting at 7pm and it should go until 9pm.

Here's information on the event:

In 1987, 27,000 Sudanese children fled their devastated homeland on foot to escape the threat of genocide. The award winning film God Grew Tired of Us follows three young men who find a new life as refugees in the U.S. Join us for this remarkable film as we consider the compelling questions of suffering and providence, and our identity as human beings. John Deng Machar, who resides in Richmond, Virginia, will speak briefly about his personal journey as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

West End Presbyterian Church is located at 9008 Quiocassin Road. Hope to see you there!