This week at FSC, 11.25.08

Hey FSC,here are some announcements for this week.  Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving! 1) Meals for Catrows.  Jenny Fisher and Ann Douglas Enghauser have been organizing meals for the Catrow's after the birth of baby Jackson.  If you would like to help out by making them a meal, please either look for the sign up sheet at church or email Ann Douglas Enghauser (memento.ade [at]

2) Mercy fund. This Sunday is the last Sunday of the month, so we will be collecting for the mercy fund as well as our regular offering during this week's service. Whatever is given to the mercy fund will be kept separate from our general budget and will be used to aid those in our congregation and in our community who have emergency needs. Please prayerfully consider what you might give.

3) Advent Conspiracy. Erik challenged us last Sunday to buy one less gift this Christmas and give the money to some charitable cause. Here are the details on how to do that in a couple ways Erik described:

4) STEP's Pride for Parents Christmas Store. Drop off an unwrapped Christmas gift with price tag still attached at STEP's office in Eternity Church (1900 Chamberlayne Ave). Gifts can be for kids aged 0-18. (Needed items include sports equipment, bikes, skateboards, African-American dolls, DVDs, etc.)

5) Tabernacle Baptist Church Christmas Baskets. A $30 donation will provide a Christmas basket delivery to a family in Richmond. We are invited to help distribute the baskets on Saturday, December 20th. Please contact Erik for more information.

6) Good Samaritan Christmas Tree Lot.  FSC will be volunteering again this year at the Good Samaritan Christmas Tree Lot in the West End. All proceeds from the sale of Christmas trees benefit the efforts of Good Samaritan Ministry ( Our shift will be on Saturday, December 6 from 4pm to 9pm. We had a lot of fun last year, so let us know if you'd like to join us! Use the link below to fill out the sign up form or contact Sean (seanrhorer [at] with questions.

Sign up form:

7) Teacher Position Currently Open. The preschool at West End Presbyterian Church is looking to hire a teacher for our 3 year old class.  The three year old class meets on Wednesday and Friday mornings. We are praying for God's provision of this by early December.  For more information please contact Casey Zollinhofer at casey [at] or 741-6562 ext. 12.  You can also read more about this position on the preschool page of our church website (