This week at FSC, 10.30.08

Hey FSC! Your announcements for this week...

1. Meet & Greet With Ellie Don't forget that the Fishers will be holding a meet and greet with their friend Ellie on Friday Nov. 7 at 7pm at their house, 2610 Grayland Avenue. Ellie will be speaking about her missionary experiences at our Nov. 9 service, but this will give you a chance to get to know her better. To learn more about her missionary work, visit

2. Olive Tree Alliance Conference The Olive Tree Alliance is a growing movement in Richmond dedicated to caring for orphans through relief, fostering, and adoption. They are hosting a free conference Nov. 14-15. For more information, contact Erik (erik [at] or visit

3. Mercy and Missions Teams Both the Mercy and Missions teams are looking for more members. Please contact Sean (seanrhorer [at] for Mercy and Matt (mattmoment [at] for Missions if you're interested in getting involved.

Have a great week!


Valerie Catrow FSC Administrator val [at] / valerie.catrow [at]